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Handcrafted Pottery

Perfectly Imperfect



In Person


First Friday Pop-Up Launch
@ Brentwood - 20 North Mulberry Street

The Shop

Meant to be used Pottery

The shop is regularly updated with my latest pottery, drops and in-stock pieces, once they're gone they're gone. Even my most common pieces come out unique.


Coming in 2024

  • Regular product drops with my latest pieces.

  • During "First Fridays" in Lancaster PA we will host open houses out of my studio a part of the Brentwood building.

The Studio

Custom Built and Open Doors

Living all over the North East I've had many types of studios over the years. I've thrown pottery in basements, home offices, shared studio spaces, lofts, and even closets. I'm incredibly blessed to be a part of the Brentwood building in Lancaster, PA as of January 2024. 


In the coming weeks we'll post more about my new pottery home. 

The Process 

One Piece at a Time 

Handcrafted, each unique piece is hand-thrown, glazed and fired out of my studio in Lancaster PA. Pottery is a process and trial by fire (literally).


I love that even my most common pieces always come out of the kiln a little differently. 


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